August 3, 2018

As I was driving home from work yesterday I was anxious, and playing that dangerous game in my head. Friday, Friday, Friday; just a couple drinks, it will be no big deal….. then I played it through, thinking about my Saturday; how I want and need to go to yoga in the morning, how I’ll be so angry and disgusted with myself if I fall.

So I get home, and there’s my husband all wide eyed and eager. All ready to “grab an appetizer and drink”. I grab something to eat because hunger is a trigger, and I just stare at him. Then I announce we are going on a bike ride to the beach, that I am not drinking tonight. So off we go!

Wouldn’t you know it there’s a festival on our way, beer tents, food trucks, live music! Crap! But instead of sitting in a beer tent all night we went into the art galleries, vintage clothing shops. We shared nachos. And for the first time I experienced this environment in a new, interesting and authentic way. And this morning I am content and proud. And oh so grateful for a sober Friday, and praying for a sober Saturday! Blessing to all! I’m off to yoga!!!!

Published by sjourney52

Just peeling back the layers to see what's really underneath this experience we call life.

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