There are many layers with tattered edges.

Each ready to be lifted, folded and laid open.

But each is fragile and shy, not ready to be seen.

When lifted the dust is removed and the layers exposed, and then a breath of relief.

Clear eyes and air ruffles through as another tattered layer is peeled and butterflies fly.

An open heart lays exposed as the physical breaks away.

The being replaces ego, and love replaces fear.

What is to fear? We ask these layers of lives.

Haven’t you already lived, traveled, loved and lost?

What happened that was so tragic, because nothing lasts forever.

Not the lover you once loved, or that cabin in the woods where you once stayed.

Not that feeling you had as you breathed the fresh night air while childish laughter laughed with friends.

Nor the babies you held in your arms as you breathed their new scent.

Yet you, dear child, are constant. You are always there through lifetimes. So hold yourself with love and gentleness.

The path and layers of life are unfolding as they should.

And all you have to do is fall open.


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