Day 16: Lessons I’m Learning Alone

My husband is on a ski trip until Friday, so I’m home alone. I had a holiday yesterday, went to lunch with a friend. I had to disappoint her, tell her, that I’m not drinking because I’m sure she was looking forward to a boozy lunch. She played it off okay, but I know forContinue reading “Day 16: Lessons I’m Learning Alone”

Tell Your Umbrella to Pull Up a Seeded Garden

I woke up this morning, super super early once again. 3:40AM to be exact. And I woke up to a dream where I was looking at a picture of an umbrella with the words: Tell Your Umbrella to Pull Up a Seeded Garden. And it is staying with me and not getting lost in theContinue reading “Tell Your Umbrella to Pull Up a Seeded Garden”